E8. Sex differences in sports injury

June 07, 2023 Alissa Wicklund
E8. Sex differences in sports injury
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Have a quick listen - like a healthy snack, we offer up some morsels of science+common-sense parenting. 

When it comes to risks, rates, and treatments of sports injuries, does one size fit all? Is what’s good for the gander really good for the goose, or, are there real sex differences? 

(We’ll even tell you who’s the goose & who’s the gander)

From parenting styles to anatomy, education, training, body image, and coaching, there are multiple opportunities to level the playing field… and it’s never too early to start!

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Underrepresentation of girls vs. boys in concussion research
Nature vs. nurture
Impact of anatomical, training, and educational differences
Overuse injuries & pain management
Why are there different sex-specific injury rates?
Body image and performance-enhancing drugs