E9. Digital Addiction with Dr. Ed Spector

June 16, 2023 Alissa Wicklund
E9. Digital Addiction with Dr. Ed Spector
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Listen in on our conversation with parent, psychologist, and nationally recognized expert on gaming disorder, Dr. Ed Spector

We learned so much and we know you will too, talking about the positives of gaming and how it can offer us more opportunities to connect with our kids than we’ve ever realized. Are we picking up on what they’re putting down? What do their choices say about them? It’s not just about “how many hours are too many? Learn about the importance of tech talk, and how gaming, too, can be a spectator sport. 

It's never too early to start the conversations with our kids. 

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Developing treatment protocols
At what point does it become a disorder? Who's most prone?
Contextualizing gaming in the landscape of stress management & social skills
Prompts to get the conversations going
Yes, gaming can - and sometimes should be - a spectator sport